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Golden Sausage Award - Categories

Contenders for the coveted Golden Sausage Awards are grouped into five categories.

Fresh Beef
This category is filled with games that either bring new concepts to the table, or utilize old concepts in a completely new way. Most of the time, these games are new intellectual properties (IPs).

Retro Revival
This category recognizes games which have been designed in the vain of the classics we all know and love. The game doesn't necessarily have to be a remake or update, it just has to inspire that feeling you get in your pants when you unwrapped your first Nintendo Entertainment System.

Va-Jay-Jay Prime
This category honors games which are either perfect for playing with women, or enjoyable for women to watch. You think that's sexist? Fuck you! You try to own a video game company while having a girlfriend. I dare you!

Ultimate Pooper
This category honors games which pass the time during our most public private moments. These games are ideally played on smart phones, netbooks or tablet computers.

Game of the Year
This category has the most boring name, but provides the greatest honor! This is the best game we have played, during the year. Great honor!