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Golden Sausage Award - Rules

Rules for Game developers/publishers

Games played prior to the rise of NinjaCamp:
With a combined total of 64 years of hard core gaming, NinjaCamp's Experts have probably played your game. Hell, we might even have enjoyed it. But we can't just go around giving fucking star stickers to the likes of Asteroid or Mrs. Pac-Man. A list like that would be twice the length of an elephant penis...and 4 times the girth.

Rather than wrestle with elephant genitalia, we've decided that the gaming industry has already provided the accolades necessary to keep these gaming icons in the public eye.

Don't think that old games can't take home the bacon flavored sausage:
There is a slim chance that we haven't played your game. Like if out of nowhere, Jimmy Balls and his development house Balls Inc. has some 1987 thriller "Balls Brigade and the Nutsack Kid" well...I can honestly say I haven't played that one. So, send it my way and maybe you'll win the Golden Sausage award for best fucking idiot game name.

We can't afford every game:
It's possible that you're asking yourself, why didn't my game make the list? Where is my Golden Sausage? Who is my daddy and what does he do?

These are all valid questions which can be easy answered by looking at the NinjaCamp bank account. You see, this year we earned about 700 times less than we spent. That being the case, you can maybe understand that we haven't managed to purchase a copy of your game.

If you wish to be honored with a Golden Sausage award send us your game!

Demos are games too:
Offering a free demo is an excellent way to make the cut. Demos will help us to decide the fate of the actual game. However, as previously mentioned...sending titles gets the most attention. Even if you choose to send us free demos, you're going to ensure that the game is played and possibly win the coveted Golden Sausage

No Re-Review:
Once a game has been considered, it's done. Example, we played Robotron 2084 and Galaga this year. Robotron 2084 wins a Golden Sausage, but Galaga does not. Galaga will never again be considered for a Golden Sausage award. Galaga 2, Super Galaga Funtime, or Galaga, the adventures of the Salami Twins are still eligible, but the original Galaga has already had it's chance.

Re-released Reviews:
If you have already released a reviewed title, then decide to release it again for the latest greatest system...congratulations, I don't give a shit! If on the other hand, you've made some fairly significant upgrades or improvements to the latest release we may decide to reconsider the game in question. Significant updates are kind of discretionary, but I can assure you that title changes don't count!

That isn't fair:
We're not trying to be fair. Life isn't fair! I'm sorry if your game was competing against another slightly better game, and you didn't win. That is just how the kielbasa boils. Not everyone can win a Golden Sausage award...that would be shut up!